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We carry a wide and ever-changing assortment of beautiful semi-precious stone scrying spheres and highest quality glass gazing balls for the use of both student and professional crystal gazers. For those training and working in the Projective and Receptive branches of Crystallomancy, sending and receiving Silent Influence according to the precepts of the Crystal Silence League, we recommend the DIV-SPH-CR series of clear and coloured pure glass crystal balls, in either the 2" palm size or 3" table size; both come boxed, with stands.

With the purchase of a Crystal Ball of any size, composition, or color, you will be enrolled at no charge in The Crystal Silence League for one year. Your prayer requests will be kept on our altars, and on the altars of all members who volunteer to send blessings and affirmations daily. You too are encouraged to Send as well as to Receive, and thus to grow in strength and Mastery.

Personal Codes, Lessons, and Instructions for Members of the Crystal Silence League The Crystal Silence League:
Personal Codes, Lessons, and Instructions for Members
By C. Alexander

Published by Missionary Independent Spiritual Churches. 2011
32 pp. ISBN 978-0-9836483-1-4

Written by C. Alexander in 1919 and revised in 2011, this brief book concisely explains the proper use of a Crystal Ball to send and receive supportive affirmations and prayers, tells how to "go into the Silence," instructs in the development of mediumship and psychic abilities, presents positive spiritual techniques to overcome harmful habits, and offers a guide to the employment of the Crystal as a tool for the masterful transformation of your inner and outer life.

If you have a Crystal Ball, Crystal Point, or Crystal Skull of your own, you may order the book at the price indicated and receive a ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP in the Crystal Silence League. However...

...With the purchase of ANY SIZE or PRICE of Crystal Ball, the book is FREE, as is your ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP in the Crystal Silence League.


DIV-SPH-GA20 Crystal Ball, 2" Aqua Glass (50mm) w/ Stand, Box $ 11.00
DIV-SPH-GB20 Crystal Ball, 2" Blue Glass (50mm) w/ Stand, Box $ 11.00
DIV-SPH-GB25 Crystal Ball, 2.5" Blue Glass (60mm) w/ Stand, Box $ 15.00
DIV-SPH-GB30 Crystal Ball, 3" Blue Glass (80mm) w/ Stand, Box $ 20.00
DIV-SPH-GC20 Crystal Ball, 2" Clear Glass (50mm) w/ Stand, Box $ 11.00
DIV-SPH-GC30 Crystal Ball, 3" Clear Glass (80mm) w/ Stand, Box $ 20.00
DIV-SPH-GC50 Crystal Ball, 5" Clear Glass (130mm) w/ Stand, Box $ 60.00
DIV-SPH-GG20 Crystal Ball, 2" Green Glass (50mm) w/ Stand, Box $ 11.00
DIV-SPH-GG30 Crystal Ball, 3" Green Glass (80mm) w/ Stand, Box $ 20.00
DIV-SPH-GH20 Crystal Ball, 2" Honey-Amber Glass (50mm) w/ Stand, Box $ 11.00
DIV-SPH-GK20 Crystal Ball, 2" Black Glass (50mm) w/ Stand, Box $ 11.00
DIV-SPH-GK30 Crystal Ball, 3" Black Glass (80mm) w/ Stand, Box $ 20.00
DIV-SPH-GL20 Crystal Ball, 2" Lavender Glass (50mm) w/ Stand, Box $ 11.00
DIV-SPH-GL25 Crystal Ball, 2.5" Lavender Glass (60mm) w/ Stand, Box $ 15.00
DIV-SPH-GL30 Crystal Ball, 3" Lavender Glass (80mm) w/ Stand, Box $ 20.00
DIV-SPH-GP20 Crystal Ball, 2" Pink Glass (50mm) w/ Stand, Box $ 11.00
DIV-SPH-GP30 Crystal Ball, 3" Pink Glass (80mm) w/ Stand, Box $ 20.00
DIV-SPH-GR20 Crystal Ball, 2" Red Glass (50mm) w/ Stand, Box $ 11.00
DIV-SPH-GR30 Crystal Ball, 3" Red Glass (80mm) w/ Stand, Box $ 20.00


DIV-SPH-AC10 Adventurine, Cinnamon Sphere 1" $ 6.00
DIV-SPH-AD10 Adventurine Green Sphere 1" $ 6.00
DIV-SPH-AG10 Agate-Onyx Banded Sphere, Assorted, 1" $ 6.00
DIV-SPH-AM10 Amethyst Sphere 1" $ 21.00
DIV-SPH-AMSP Assorted Marble Sphere, Semi-Precious Stone, 20mm $ 4.00
DIV-SPH-AN10 Amethystine Sphere 1" $ 13.00
DIV-SPH-CG10 Calcite, Green Sphere, 1" $ 6.00
DIV-SPH-CW20 Calcite White Sphere 2" $ 11.00
DIV-SPH-FU20 Ruby in Fuchsite Sphere 2" $ 63.00
DIV-SPH-HO10 Howellite, White Sphere 1" $ 6.00
DIV-SPH-JA10 Jasper, Colour Assorted Sphere, 1" (Fossil, Septarian, etc.)$ 6.00
DIV-SPH-JC10 Jasper, Chohua Picture Stone Sphere 1" $ 6.00
DIV-SPH-JR10 Jasper, Red Sphere 1" $ 6.00
DIV-SPH-LP15 Lapis Lazuli w/ Pyrite Sphere 1 1/2" $ 32.00
DIV-SPH-OB20 Obsidian, Black Sphere 2" $ 22.00
DIV-SPH-OB25 Obsidian, Black Sphere 2 1/2" $ 24.00
DIV-SPH-OB30 Obsidian, Black Sphere 3" $ 36.00
DIV-SPH-OS10 Obsidian Snowflake Sphere 1" $ 6.00
DIV-SPH-PW10 Petrified Wood Sphere, 1" $ 6.00
DIV-SPH-QC20 Quartz, Clear Sphere 2" $ 20.00
DIV-SPH-RH10 Rhodonite Sphere, 1" $ 6.00
DIV-SPH-SE10 Serpentine Sphere, 1" $ 6.00
DIV-SPH-SE25 Selenite Sphere 2 1/2" $ 18.00
DIV-SPH-SO10 Sodalite Sphere, 1" $ 6.00
DIV-SPH-UN10 Unakite Sphere 1" $ 6.00

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