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In the twenty-seven years that I have been in public life in my peculiar calling, I have perhaps answered over five million questions publicly and have grasped the hands of over two million people and answered over four million questions privately. To the average mind these figures are hard to comprehend. But after you have witnessed me at work and then take out your pencil and paper, you can readily see that such a thing is possible.

I have perhaps talked to more people privately than any other living human being, and these people are from all walks of life -- from Kings and Queens to the tribal people of Southern seas, from Presidents to hod carriers, from society belles to servant girls, from bank presidents to the bums of the Battery. You who have witnessed me work know that I see them all, and that every one has a question to ask of me. And that means millions of questions.

And these questions all in the end mean the same to the individual that asks them.


Questions to this effect are asked by the millions.

The whole world craves happiness. What else is there to ask for? With happiness, complete happiness of mind, you have everything. What more is there to wish for?

Money alone does not make people happy. Money has never yet been known to buy happiness. No one has ever yet found happiness by chasing it over the earth. It is not in our food, it is not in our drink; it is not in our clothes or our material possessions; it is not in excitement or a continual round of pleasure. It is a child of right thinking and right acting and helpful service.

After hearing all these questions and seeing the things that I have seen, I know there is a way of obtaining happiness and complete satisfaction; and that is through your mind, and through your mind alone. That person who is complete master of their mind -- mind you, I say COMPLETE MASTER OF THEIR MIND -- is a happy person. Mind in itself is a wonderful thing. Yes, the greatest thing in the world.

Did you ever stop to realize that everything in this world outside of nature was born in the MIND, the houses you live in, the boats and trains you ride on, the phones you talk over, the clothes you wear, the lights you read by, the books you read, the automobile, the wireless, the aeroplanes, were all conceived in the mind of man, children of the mind? Once they were only a thought in a mind, but now a reality. It lays within the power of each individual to make of his mind what he will.

No man is the victim of cruel fate which decides his destiny. We know what thoughts, what moods, what motives are builders and what are destroyers. It is our privilege to choose which shall work our destiny. If you are not honest with yourself, if you haven't enough ambition, energy, and willpower to correct your faults, to rise above the things that down the weakling and trip up the unworthy, you must then take the consequences. You are the master of your own destiny.

"The secret that I hold has been in use for thousands of years. We find a few in every country and in every age who have possessed the secret, but who seem to have been reluctant to give it up. It has for years been considered a mystery. But from now on my secret will be no longer a mystery."
-- C. Alexander, 1919

But I realize that many have gone on in a rut so long, that they have to have advice and help from others, who are happy and have been successful in life and know the way of success, to help them out of the rut of unhappiness and misery.

NOW TO THE SECRET. I have possessed it for years; but like the inventor of a mechanical device, I had to experiment; I had to try it out under all conditions and this has taken years. It is not original with me by any means.

The secret that I hold has been in use for thousands of years. We find a few in every country and in every age who have possessed the secret, but who seem to have been reluctant to give it up. It has for years been considered a mystery. But from now on my secret will be no longer a mystery.

For years you have heard of the mysteries of the Far East and of the wonders and miracles that were performed in Egypt and India.

You have heard of how certain sects and wise men of Egypt and India were able to communicate with each other instantly, even though thousands of miles apart. You have heard of them throwing a rope in the air thirty or forty feet and have it attached to nothing, one end only touching the ground, the rope remaining suspended in the air, and that a little Hindu boy would climb up the rope and disappear into space and then come running from a clump of bushes a hundred yards away.

You have heard of Hindu swamis standing in the center of a crowd of spectators, and taking hundreds of pounds of live eels out of a small kettle that they had previously shown empty. You have heard of them planting a mango seed in a pot of earth and in less than fifteen minutes, before your eyes, a tree was grown covered with fruit. You have heard of how they were able to influence the most deadly of reptiles, the cobra snake, to do their bidding and follow an enemy hundreds of miles and kill in the middle of the night.

You have heard of how they were able to influence others to do their bidding, even though miles away, through the power of silent mental influence.

These things to the uninitiated look like miracles. But there is nothing that they have ever done any more than I have ever done that is supernatural. There is nothing that they do or have done that any human being with ordinary intelligence cannot do just as well as they can when once the secret is properly understood.

And the secret of all of these mysteries of the Orient is CONCENTRATION. They were only mysteries because the method was not generally known. But we have mysteries far greater than these before us every day.

Did you ever stop to think of the mysterious reason why some folks, who have not half the education and breeding that you have, enjoy riches, autos, yachts, beautiful homes, friends, and all that their minds could possibly crave? Are these folks supernatural? Is success and happiness an accident?

Have you ever stopped to think of the mysterious reason why some people are nervous and unsettled all of the time and others are calm and have peace and happiness of mind? Is this also an accident?

"There is a way out of all your difficulties, I firmly believe, and that lays in being able to make others think as you think, in being able to project your thoughts to others so that they will have the effect that you desire. You do not have to have beauty, physical strength or wealth to do these things. YOU JUST HAVE TO BE WILLING TO HELP YOURSELF. And this is an easy matter if you have the SECRET."
-- C. Alexander, 1919

Do you know the reason that some can hold the love of their wives, husbands, sweethearts and friends, and with others it is a case of out of sight out of mind? Again I ask, are you going to be ignorant enough to say that it is just happenstance?

Do you know the reason that some mothers can control their children with a thought, and others have to use brute strength to knock their children around to make them do their bidding? Again I say to you, is this just luck?

Do you know the mysterious reason why some of the plainest women have lovable and successful husbands, and others who are beautiful are deserted a few years after marriage? Do you know why plain and humble men have loving wives?

Do you know the mysterious reason why some men and women keep roving from place to place, always seeking happiness and never finding it, while others can obtain practically any position that they desire and have happiness, love, and friendship?

My Dear Friend, there is a reason to all these things, and the reason is a simple one, and one that is understood by all Psychics and can be understood even by a child.

Do you, My Dear Friend, wish to have SUCCESS, POWER, WEALTH, HEALTH, HAPPINESS, and ATTAINMENT with very little conscious effort?

Does your heart yearn for these things?

Do others around you advance faster than you do? Are you nervous and irritable? Does someone else hold the love of one that is rightly yours? Do you lose friends?

Can you control those that you desire and make their ideas conform with your ideas? Can you influence those that you desire even at a distance? Can you make those around you happy? Can you instantly banish worry from your mind? Can you be happy at all times? IF YOU CAN'T, THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG. Not with the world, but with you. You are the one with the problem. You are the one that must suffer.

But there is a way out of all your difficulties, I firmly believe. It consists of being able to make others think as you think, to project thoughts to others so they will have the effect you desire, and to control your own mind. You do not have to have beauty, physical strength, or wealth to do these things. YOU JUST HAVE TO BE WILLING TO HELP YOURSELF. This is an easy matter if you have the SECRET. And I firmly believe that CONCENTRATION WITH THE AID OF A CRYSTAL IS THE SECRET. It has been my success.

It has also been the secret of success of thousands of others. Remember that "the wise use every means to accomplish their success." If you haven't tried this secret, if you haven't tried this method, YOU DON'T KNOW. It has been the means of lifting thousands from the seemingly bottomless pit of despair to the top rung in life's ladder.

There is absolutely nothing unnatural in the use of the crystal, nothing that you cannot understand and do just as well as the most learned man in the land IF YOU WANT TO BETTER YOUR CONDITION. The use of the crystal for projection and reception are secrets that can be yours with concentrated practice.

And now, after patiently waiting and working along these lines for many years, I am at last able to affirm that the NEEDFUL, INDISPENSABLE, and much coveted MAGIC CRYSTALS, used by Seers for Crystal Gazing and by Adepts for Concentration need not be the ancient, rare, and hard to get fabulously priced Quartz CRYSTALS, costing from $100 to $5000 and up. In fact, it is within the reach of every man and woman to possess and use to good advantage the honest yet beautiful solid, clear, and lustrous GLASS SPHERES obtainable in America, cast in various sizes, for these have proven just as good for all practical purposes of developing concentration as the priceless crystals of the Yogis, Mahatmas, and Wise Men of Egypt and India, whose mental achievements and marvelous powers have been the talk and wonderment of the whole civilized world.

In conclusion, let me say, "OPPORTUNITY HAS KNOCKED." You need only open the door.

Yours for greater success,

Los Angeles, California
June 30, 1919


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